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Everest filming is a recognized name in the filming sector of Nepal. We have been handling clients from all around the world for services that are akin to those of foreign companies. We bring out the best of the traditional filming practices with some bits of the modern technologies, as per the need. Nepal’s magnificent landscapes make it a venue where filming isn’t a requirement but a necessity. The world’s tallest peak, Everest, is one of Nepal’s countless beauties that have been captivating filming companies from all around the world. For years now, the Government of Nepal has been pushing forward to make tourism flourish and this has led to filming in Nepal a brighter future prospect than it was in the years before.

We serve a buffet of services to our clienteles, which they can choose from as per their needs. Our team of artists, photographers, journalists and line producers have spent years researching and working on the field which makes them excellent crew to work with. It’s our continuous thrive for excellence that has taken us to the platform we’re in, thus, making us one of the renowned and successful names in the Nepalese industry. Everest filming isn’t just an average company but an extraordinary one, always aiming to excel at everything we touch. And this is exactly what we’ve learnt from the highest peak of the world, ‘the sky is the limit’.


Fixing/ Line Production/ Translation/ Filming, Services since 2007 for worldwide Film Producers & Television. for more details please contact us.

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