Challenging the world to film in the land of the Everest


Challenging the world to film in the land of the Everest

Filming at the top of the World

“The Mountains are calling, I Must Go!”

We come from the land of the Himalayas, where we experience heaven on a daily basis. In the morning, our eyes open to the sight of the majestic mountains, with nature blossoming like nowhere else, and we live amongst souls, not people. Everest Filming is the perfect example of the habitability of Nepal. We represent Nepal in all ways possible, through the lens of cameras, and the medium of filming. We believe that Nepal is one of the blooming filming industries in the world, with a history dated before the foundation of many Western nations, and the beauty of the nature, so picturesque you wouldn’t want to return.
With a perfect mix of the goodness and the greatness, Nepal is one country that’s rapidly growing without anyone being aware of it. With the ups and downs the country has been facing, it has slowed down the process, but not much. Having lost some of the ancient cultural heritages in the 2015 earthquake, the remnants of what remained woke up the Nepalese people, to re-build and get together for the betterment of the nation.
One thing that Nepalese people are enriched with, is their love for the nation- we’ve been known throughout the history for our patriotism. When filming in Nepal, you’ll be able to get the best of the ancient mixed with the future, the never-ending rush with the everlasting serenity, the most hospitable people with the most gruesome of terrains, the colorful diversity with the strengthening unity. In short, you’ll experience the best along with the worst, and still cherish all the true colors that’s been painted into the beautiful canvas of Nepal.
We, at Everest Filming, challenge the world to film in the land of the Everest, the Himalayan nation that has potentials beyond limits. We’re the perfect examples for the word ‘limitless’. We challenge you to come to Nepal, stay for a week and let it take your breath away, and we assure you, you’ll return again, not just as a stranger, but as a friend. Nepal, although one of the least developed Asian nations, can offer you everything that you desire for your filming needs. Spread over a mere area of 147,181 sq. km, Nepal has all the aspects for a filming nation. You name it, and we’ll show you the best of Nepal, whatever your filming expedition requires.
Enough bragging about Nepal, we want you to see Nepal for yourself, and we assure you that you won’t be able to constrict your desire to film here. We challenge all the filmmakers in the world to put Nepal in your bucket list for filming, because if you haven’t filmed in Nepal, you’re missing out on a lot. We appeal every single one to consider Nepal as a filming location, to enrich the filming prospects with the beauty of Nepal, to help disclose Nepal among the world, and become a part of the Himalayan family. We urge you to come film in Nepal, and we assure you that it will be the most memorable shoot of your life, working with the most amiable crew you’ll ever have worked with, in the most welcoming of environments and above all, leaving you with the want to visit again. We welcome you to Nepal, the mystical land. Namaste!

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