Culture and Nature of Nepal

Welcome to Nepal (Part II)

Use your feet

In the last decade or so, the number of vehicles on Kathmandu’s streets has increased at a rate well outstripping infrastructure development, leading to major congestion and an enormous environmental problem in the city. Unless it’s the middle of the night, traffic is pretty much guaranteed to be terrible, so if you aren’t going vast distances, consider exploring on foot. As you wind your way past dozens of workshops and bahals (courtyards), happen upon discreet, my •


Welcome to Nepal (Part I)

Nepal’s energetic capital is the entry point for most travelers who come to this mountainous and culture rich country. Foreigners tend to apply a “get in and get out” policy to the sometimes overwhelmingly chaotic city, sunk in the basin of the Kathmandu Valley. There are, however, plenty of remarkable sights in the metropolis to make a few days or more here compelling, memorable and – though it may seem surprising – relaxing. Here are our top tips on the best things to do in Kathmandu •


Filmmaking in Detail

The filmmaking process

It’s best to think of filmmaking as three distinct stages: • planning (pre-production) • filming (production), and • completing the film and getting it ready to show (post-production).

Planning (pre-production)

In this stage you work out your filmmaking idea and how you will tell your story. Your idea should be simple. Try writing it down in 50 words or one tweet: if you can’t, you need to rethink it or simplify it. Once you’ve got your •


Challenging the world to film in the land of the Everest

Filming at the top of the World

“The Mountains are calling, I Must Go!”
We come from the land of the Himalayas, where we experience heaven on a daily basis. In the morning, our eyes open to the sight of the majestic mountains, with nature blossoming like nowhere else, and we live amongst souls, not people. Everest Filming is the perfect example of the habitability of Nepal. We represent Nepal in all ways possible, through the lens of cameras, and the mediu •


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